A downloadable asset pack

The King Human came to recover his kingdom from the called "Green Skins". He has a big heavy hammer that can throw any Pig to the air, but is not gonna be so easy. Pigs are well organized guides by the one and only, The King Pig. They also have boxes and bombs to throw to you at any time, without mentioning that they also have cannons that spit FIREEEEE !!!


  • King Human (10 animations)
  • King Pig  (8 animations)
  • Pig  (24 animations)
  • Box
  • Bomb and Explosion
  • Cannon, Ball and Explosion
  • Diamond
  • Heart
  • Life and Diamond Bar
  • Dialogue boxes
  • Door
  • Complete Tile-set (108 pieces)

Files type:

  • Sprite images in .PNG
  • Aseprite files (editable)


  • All animations runs at 10 FPS or 100 MS.


  • This asset pack can be used in free and commercial projects. You can modify the assets as you need. Credit is not necessary, but always appreciated.  You may not repackage, redistribute or resell the assets, no matter how much they are modified.

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Kings and Pigs.zip 278 kB